• Switch banks to an ethical bank. Definitely switch from Barclays who fund fracking in the UK via Third Energy

  • All of the Big Six energy suppliers have poor green credentials. Switch away from the Big Six (definitely from British Gas who fund fracking in the UK via Cuadrilla) to a more environmentally friendly green energy supplier.

  • Connect to as many anti fracking groups on social media as you can and stay informed.

  • Put an anti fracking poster up in your window/garden and show support for your village.

  • Deliver leaflets in your area.


  • Write to your MP Clive Betts to share your views and ask him to raise questions in parliament.



  • Write to police commissioner Dr Alan Billings regarding policing tactics at fracking sites. Evidence shows that excess force is used against peaceful protestors.

  • Write to the Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis asking for help and support.


  • Use powers under FOI (freedom of information) to ask questions, one protector has recently asked a good question with regard to what fire and rescue procedures are in place at frack pads and this has now started a debate


  • Become a volunteer, there are many roles and skills we need to hold this industry to account, monitor and challenge. We need good minded people to help, have you got a skill?


  • Have you any high profile friends/contacts do you know an hydrologist, environmental, legal expert, geologist, wildlife expertetc who could help.

  • Have you contacts in local business. If so ask for their support eg display a poster or make a donation.


  • Talk to groups you are members of (eg WI, allotment associations, walking/cycling groups, unions etc). We can do a presentation to your group.


  • Research fracking in depth, one of the best ways to do with is to connect with many anti fracking groups , set google alerts for fracking related news and follow fracking companies online


  • Donate to anti fracking groups, we are pretty much self funding and the underdogs please donate it is very important.


  • Use your right to protest at the gates of the frack pad. Under European and UK law you have the right to protest peacefully. If you are unsure please ask for a buddy at the gates from one of our groups or research your rights to protest yourself. As long as you do what the police say and are peaceful you will not be in trouble


  • Talk about fracking to friends, try and spark up perhaps 3 conversations a week with people whom may not know anything about the threat


  • Emphasise the link between Ineos, South Yorks PEDL licence holders, fracking and plastics (shale gas contains ethane which will be used by INEOS at Grangemouth) not primarily for domestic use.

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